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Our Tribute Pages
To The Most Effective Models

At For Serious Shoppers we add new items every day. We rank these products based on Price Integrity and Presentation. As we review thousands of items we develop an appreciation for those few special models whose presentation is a cut above all the rest. They can sell an item that would otherwise just sit on a shelf in a warehouse.

As a TRIBUTE to these special individuals, the Agency Models, the Influencers, and the Customers who share their images, we have created these tribute pages to showcase their talent. Our job would be a waste of time without them.

The Agency Models are Models who work for agencies and get paid through the agency for their modeling shoots.

The Influencers are Models who are self employed freelancers and leverage their social media pages to drive traffic to client websites, usually apparel boutiques and department stores. Influencers have thousands, even millions of followers on their social media pages and in many cases are paid more than Agency models.

The Customers are just regular people who share their photos with stores they buy from, usually in a review comment. Customer photos are usually of poor quality, such as bathroom selfies, but occasionally there is a really good one. Customers are rarely compensated for their photos even though some stores use their images in their Ad copy.